As a self-taught developer, I have always been drawn to learning new programming languages, and Rust is no exception. I first learned about Rust when I was looking for a new programming challenge, and I decided to teach myself this systems programming language.

To learn Rust, I relied on the official Rust book, official Rust tutorials, and the official Rust documentation. The Rust book is a great resource for new Rust developers, as it provides a comprehensive introduction to the language and its features. The official tutorials were also helpful in understanding the basics of the language, and the official documentation was very useful when I needed to look up specific information.

Most of my Rust experience comes from following a tutorial for building a NES emulator. This project was challenging, as it required me to write a large amount of CPU and PPU instructions myself. However, I found the experience to be incredibly rewarding and it helped me to solidify my knowledge of Rust.

As I continue to learn Rust, I hope to adapt this NES emulator to WASM, so I can display pixels in a HTML canvas element in the browser. This would be a great way to showcase my Rust skills and share my NES emulator with others.